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    Avg autoinsurance for 18 year old?

    Can anybody advise me about the Insurance Company Usa America for medical health insurance?

    This was my speeding ticket. I was going 42 in A – 25 mph area. i live in oklahoma and i have state park. will it goto my insurance?

    Can somebody elses passes influence MY auto insurance ?

    My friend is 16 and he or she saved-up and bought a-car (the subject is in her title). Today she is shattered and cannot afford the insurance so she does not push it. Her move mom pushes it however and she suggests that the vehicle does not require insurance because she (the stepmom) has driver insurance and any vehicle she pushes has liability protection from her insurance. I’ve never heard of driver insurance and I was wondering if the step-mom is taking some sort of con (her car is often broken and it’s also incredibly handy to really have a third auto) Could someone tell me if this driver insurance exists.

    Howmuch would these vehicles charge to run monthly?

    19-yr old looking for cheapest insurance auto & a fast…?

    “Howmuch do you consider insurance is going to be for me (a 17-year old man) operating a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2L 2004? In order to obtain a quotation you have to be but I am not 17 and I’ve appeared on sites for estimates and I feel they’ll verify the household to make sure you are the correct era. On what much it should cost consequently any guesses