• Houston Lu posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    “I am presently getting quoted ridiculous cash ask when I am a 17 year old guyI also have a gsxr 600 and am 17. I do want to enroll it and insure it so i dont have to be concerned about being chased but my present insuarnce company don’t permit me to ensure and register the cycle with no certified motorcycle operator. I’m the only person whos rides so am I supposed to insure my bicycle for a bike permit? I also reside in Ct. I might recognize some advice and maybe some insurance firms that have various guidelines. Cheers

    Was charged 5 months ago for operating with not relative to a license and letting usage of an automobile without alternative party insurance . Got 4-month disqualification but managed to maintain driving license just need to re apply for this back from d.v.l.a. Does being disqualified considerably effect insurance ? Does insurance affect exactly like state drink driving?

    “My two dogs were associated with a combat with another dog last year