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    The Digital News Initiative (D NI) is a European organization established by Google to “advance high-quality digital news through innovation and technology”. It encompasses a “Innovations Fund” worth more than euro 150 million, which in next coming years issued numerous grants to 461 projects in more than dozens of European countries. This is part of the new Digital News Initiative’s drive to enhance the role and relevance of media in society. It also hopes to create more open communities across Europe by creating a “digital first” attitude among civic and cultural organisations.

    The core value of the digital news initiative is to foster open innovation in the field of news, information and digital platforms. For example, the initiative has made available licenses for panorama images across the board, to give publishers additional revenue streams. It has also offered financial support to newsrooms to expand and enhance their online performance, such as hiring more reporters and producing more digital news journalism content. It has also created the European Forum on Journalistic Publishing, to bring together publishers, managers and bloggers from all over the continent. There are also several forum discussions on Journalistic ethics, published on the Digital News Initiative website.

    The European Forum on Journalistic Publishing was launched in 2021 with the founding of the European Journalist’s Association. The forum offers a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences between European and international practitioners of investigative and judicial journalism. The Association will promote excellence in European investigative and judicial journalism and will facilitate information dissemination and provide training resources. In its role as an international information hub, the forum will increase the number of publications in the region.

    The European Journalist’s Association will take on the task of managing the 2021 edition of the European Journalist magazine . This magazine covers all areas of current interest and debate in the fields of politics, economics, technology, health and social affairs. In 2021 the magazine will feature four special topics: freedom of the press, citizen security, investigative journalists and media law. The working group is currently discussing the format and the contents of the magazine. As a first step, the association is organizing a writing workshop, which will be made available to associate members.

    The European Journalist’s Association is taking the lead in the field of citizen security and defending citizens’ rights against surveillance by the authorities and other private and commercial entities. In the meantime, news organizations have expressed willingness to participate in a pilot project that aims to improve digital coverage in border areas. News organizations have the opportunity to experience first hand the challenges and benefits of working in a new environment – one without the traditional stigmas that hinder newsroom transformation. They can take part in the pilot project and observe how digital technologies and new business models can help tackle the current security issues in border regions. Newsrooms can benefit from the experience and knowledge of established and emerging newsrooms, in particular, those that are focusing on the challenge of citizen security.

    The European Journalist’s Association, together with the European Network for Digital News (ENSN), is championing the idea of providing a platform for European journalism. This initiative will enable online publishers to submit original stories, information and data to the EJs. It is envisaged that this platform will increase the global reach of digital news and digital journalism and will provide a significant new source of revenue. Other participating publishers include German press organisations and La Quadrature du Libra (LDL).

    Participating in the European Journalist’s Association is the perfect platform for writers and newsrooms that want to experiment with the editorial policy of the organization. As a member, you have access to the editorial board and can participate in seminars, roundtables, workshops and other events that are organized by the board. Your work will also be presented in the annual Journal of l’Esteux (a magazine focused on the electronic and digital press) and the European Journal for Information Technology and Engineering (EJIET). The EJIET is the only journal focusing solely on the IT industry and is published by Elsevier, a global information services company.

    The European Journal of Journalism is very closely associated with the EJIET and the European Journalism Forum. Its editorial policy is compatible with the guidelines of EJIET and is published by Elsevier, a world leader in scientific publishing. The Journal of Engineering News is a digital publication that brings together industry and academe to report on cutting-edge innovations in engineering. It is published by CTM News Limited, an IP-based independent company that specialises in the technology, engineering and business news. The magazine covers all aspects of engineering, technology and business. Its focus is on leadership, innovation, business and the media.