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iLearn Africa Cash Back Rewards Program

The iLearn Africa Cash Back program (“Program”) is offered to anyone with an iLearn Africa account at the sole discretion of iLearn Africa LLC. Participation in the Program is automatic. You will earn  iLearn Africa cash back points (“Points”) any time you complete certain activities that are eligible for receiving Cash back points (each an “Eligible Activity”). For example, iLearn Africa may designate enrolling in a certain course in a given period as an Eligible Activity; as soon as you enroll in that course within the duration of the offer, you will receive the cash back points allocated for that Eligible Activity. Remember, to earn the cash back points the activity must be an Eligible Activity and you must complete all steps associated with the Eligible Activity. There are a few additional rules and terms that apply to the Program:

  • The Program is void if prohibited by law.
  • iLearn Africa may change or terminate the Program at any time, with or without notice to you. However, any cash back points earned prior to termination shall continue to be available until the date of expiration.
  • If the Eligible Activity has conditions – such as a specified time frame within which the course must have been enrolled for, you must comply with those conditions.
  • If you try to hack, tamper or otherwise “game” the Program, you lose all cash back points and may be barred from the Program or from the iLearn Africa site.
  • Cash back points are automatically applied to courses you order through the iLearn Africa site (subject to any restrictions). You do not have the ability to select how the cash back points are applied.
  • If you receive a permitted refund for a course that was ordered using cash back points, the refund will be in cash back points to your account for the appropriate amount. The original expiration date for the refunded cash back points will still apply.
  • Cash back points have no cash value and may not be traded or redeemed for cash, or assigned, sold or transferred to anyone else. However, if you purchase a course for someone else through your account your cash back points will be applied to that purchase.
  • If taxes are owed on your cash back points or their use or your participation in the Program, you are responsible for their calculation and payment.

If you have any questions about the Program, your account, or iLearn Africa, please contact-us.


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