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Start learning something new today

iLearn corporate helps you determine how to learn rather than being told how to learn.

We have a dedicated team always online ready to meet your needs.

Support multiple formats ranging from PDF, Video, Audio, SCORM,  and Microsoft office files.

With ilearn corporate you can keep track of your training progression in comparison with your peers through our reporting and analysis feature.

The ilearn corporate solution is hosted on cloud servers thereby enabling you access your training material whenever and wherever.

iLearn Corporate  is an e-learning solution  built to meet  training needs in the work place. We understand the need for organizations to shorten the learning curve of new recruits, and simplify transitions into new job assignments and promotions. We know that sudden departures create knowledge gaps, mistakes and anxieties if the training and hand over is insufficient.

We also recognize the need to enhance productivity in the work place.

iLearn Corporate ensures employees are equipped with the skills essential in the execution of their activities as well as quality assurance in the work processes through standardization of trainings in relation to the job descriptions in an organization.

The iLearn corporate platform is an end to end solution built with the capability of supporting multiple file formats ranging across PDF, Video, Audio, SCORM and Microsoft office files thereby facilitating use of the organization’s already existing material. As an end to end solution, we are able to take your material in its existing format and have it transformed into more interactive and concept specific modules designed to attain specified learning targets.  In the transformation of your content, gamification is within your grasp as the iLearn corporate platform has the capability to support gamified content.

As an employee, iLearn corporate helps you determine how to learn rather than being told how to learn.

We integrate learning and work as well as support self-directed learning through our easy to use tools.

The iLearn corporate LMS gives you the power to be a self- directed learner. The system features will enable you to;

  • Understand your own training needs in the work place.
  • Identify and have access to resources.
  • Take initiative.
  • Keep yourself motivated.

With iLearn corporate, experience;

Structured career planning

Be in charge of your career progression through target setting and periodical performance self -assessment with the online progress tracker.

Interactive learning

Have your training material modified into interactive modules for a more rewarding learning experience.

Learning on the go

Designed with the core principles of simplicity, flexibility and convenience, meet your training needs on the go without having to be tied down in a single location. Download the iLearn app.

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