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iLearn Academia provides a simple, convenient and flexible approach to interactive learning. Join now, and let your journey of transformative learning commence.

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We  help you transform your already existing materials into interactive content.

Keep track of your academic progress with the report and analysis tool, progress tracker and iLearn study buddy.

Hosted on cloud servers, iLearn Academia enables you access study material whenever and wherever.

With iLearn Academia, the classroom is transformed into a virtual knowledge hub

The iLearn Learning Management System comes built with a series of features designed to enhance the learning experience within your institution.

The iLearn Academia platform merges the traditional classroom training models with digitized learning aides designed to ensure increased understanding and conceptualization.

Take this journey with us and join our vast network of partner institutions and accredited content providers merged on a single platform to transform the way students learn.

Our platform grants you access to different academic materials from partner institutions across the globe.

Broaden your capacity as an academic institution with our cloud based services that enable you reach out to students irrespective of their geographical locale.

Benefit from our cloud storage drives, enabling you and your students have access to study materials at any time irrespective of location. Learn on the go.

Some of the features supported by the iLearn Academia LMS include;

Reporting and Analysis tool

Enables the learner stay on top of their performance targets and project the next step.

Cloud based

Access your study material at your convenience.

iLearn App.

Crafted to ensure a simple, flexible and convenient learning experience. Gain access to your learning portal on your mobile devices.

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