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Take Courses, Quizes online earn badges and certificates

iLearn is an e-learning solution designed to address the learning needs of all user groups cutting across private individuals, academic institutions and corporate bodies.

The iLearn platform is built with the end-user in mind and thus embodies the core principles of simplicity, flexibility and convenience aimed at transforming the way we learn as a whole.

Through partnerships with accredited academic institutions and content developers spread across the globe, we bring vast volumes of learning material to our end users cutting across all academic disciplines, skill sets and organization trainings.

To help you attain your academic and career objectives in a simple, convenient and flexible manner.

Innovation: constantly pursuing new creative ideas to improve our products and give our clients the best user experience.

Partnership: Our success is largely dependent upon the partnerships we forge. Having strong connections and understanding with our clients is integral to building a mutually beneficial relationship and sustainable business.

Accountability: Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies because the company is the sum of our actions.

Community: Contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility through operating a business model that benefits not only our clients but the community at large.

Empowerment: Encouraging employees to take initiative and give the best. Adopting an error-embracing environment to empower employees to lead and make decisions.

Ownership: Taking care of the company and customers as they were one’s own.

Trust and Integrity: We proudly uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while remaining fair and ethical. We earn and reaffirm this trust everyday on every project, and with each interaction we have with employees, customers, and the community at large. Our customers and employees rely on us to help them be successful now and in the future.

Quality: Quality means doing the right thing every time even when no one is watching. We believe in performing our work to the best of our abilities.

Dependability: We keep our word. Our customers, employees, and communities deserve our respect, honesty, and expert abilities. Our goal is to be a trusted partner that delivers the promised results.

Self-developed study plans

Our users get to enroll for a course that fits their learning styles and get to design a learning schedule that is compatible with their daily routine. Our study buddy feature helps with this. As a result our users are able to watch short video lectures, connect with peers and instructors and take interactive quizzes.

Achievement recognition

We value the effort that goes into completion and we want to help you celebrate upon finalization of your course and such the iLearn platform enables you attain formal recognition for your accomplishment with a course badge or certificate.

Concept retention

We believe in enabling our users grasp key concepts in the process of their study thus guaranteeing mastery of the given subject. In order to make this possible we provide an interactive learning environment whereby users are able to exchange ideas in a particular topic with their peers as well as consultations with their instructors. In addition, upon submission of online assessments, a user is provided with the results in real time and given the ability to re-attempt the concepts failed but in the form of an alternative version of the previous question.

Access to an array of learning materials

The platform avails you with access to an online library amply composed of thousands of study materials cutting across different subjects, disciplines and professions.

Interactive sessions with leading academics and industry professionals

ILearn LMS provides a real time interactive social platform through which you are able to interact with industry leaders and seasoned academics to foster knowledge sharing as well as building on your professional network

A simplified and convenient learning experience

The iLearn platform is designed to facilitate easy access to study material in a fun, interactive and interesting way with the assistance of different learning aides and formats.
The system is compatible with different mobile OS such as IOS, Android and Microsoft Windows thereby guaranteeing you flexibility and convenience in your study patterns.

Real time self-assessment and continuous performance evaluation

The platform facilitates real time self-assessment through an online scoring system that enables users to get real time scores depicting their performance in study tests taken on the platform.

Practical skills, Professional and career growth

The platform is tailored to facilitate insight into different disciplines and careers from seasoned industry leaders. At the work place we also offer industry standard trainings relevant to your area of expertise all with the aim of giving you the skills and knowledge to make you effective both at work and in private enterprise.


We keep it simple, for an enriching user experience.


Tailor your study plan in accordance to your preferred learning style. The platforms inbuilt features enable you to study what you want, when you want and wherever you want.


Study whenever, wherever. The iLearn platform is cloud based thereby enabling you access your learning material at any time and from any location across all devices.

iLearn Academia

This product line is designed to address the learning needs within academic institutions.

The iLearn Academia LMS is built with a series of features aimed at promoting interactive learning, easy access and retention of academic material and concepts by learners as well as easy delivery by the instructors.

 iLearn Corporate

This product is designed to meet training needs within the work place.

The iLearn corporate e-learning solution is designed to shorten the learning curve of new recruits, as well as simplify transitions into new job assignments and promotions.

This product line also aims at ensuring employees are equipped with the skills essential in the execution of their activities as well as quality assurance in the work processes through standardization of trainings in relation to the job descriptions in an organization.

 iLearn Private

The iLearn private platform is designed with the general user in mind. The individual interested in broadening his knowledge in a certain field or equipping himself with a new skillset.

The platform avails users with access to thousands of courses from multiple accredited academic institutions and content developers from across the globe.

All a user has to do is sign up with the iLearn platform in order to get an account and thereafter enroll for a course of choice.










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